Texas Joint Institute - November 23, 2021

Winter is on the way, and with it comes a drop in temperature. Cooler weather can cause muscles to tense and limit mobility in the joints. During the winter, people report feeling more aches and pains, and stiffness in the joints. In order to feel more comfort and less pain this winter, try these cold weather remedies:

  1. Layer Up - One obvious way to stay warm is to increase clothing and dress in layers to experience greater comfort. Sometimes this can be as simple as preparing ahead of time. For example, keep extra gloves or warm socks nearby in case you feel the need to keep your hands and feet toasty. Make sure your jacket or coat is weather appropriate (and waterproof in case of ice, snow or sleet), and the use of hats and scarves help keep in the warmth.

  2. Stay Hydrated - This tip for staying cool in the summer also works to make stiff, achy joints more comfortable in the winter when the body can get dry and dehydrated. Try to consume at least eight glasses of water a day to help fight against aches and pains. And get creative--steep a tea bag in water, or make a warm, comforting broth to make that water count!

  3. Watch Your Weight - As always, keeping weight at a healthy level minimizes stress on the joints. Make sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet which will benefit your joints with proper nutrients and vitamins. And enjoy holiday festivities in moderation so the weight doesn’t sneak up through the end of the year. 

  4. Practice Self Care - Shorter days, darker skies and colder weather can sometimes bring about the winter blues. Fight back by doing things you enjoy this winter that also offer soothing comfort. Taking a warm bath, using essential oils, sitting in a sauna, or using a weighted or heated blanket can soothe the senses and settle the mind--helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

  5. Stay Active - Staying active is beneficial for many reasons, because it can help you fight the winter blues, keep your weight at a healthy level, and give you endorphins to improve your mood and fight stress. By keeping your muscles and joints moving, you can also prevent or decrease stiffness which will help with pain, flexibility and mobility. A brisk walk can keep the heart pumping, or even following along to an exercise video online can go a long way to keeping your joints healthy and strong.

Don’t let the cold, winter weather get you down! Use these tips as general advice on leading a healthy lifestyle. But if you suddenly experience a new joint symptom like redness, stiffness, swelling or pain, you can visit our joint experts to help you get to the bottom of the issue.

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