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When hip pain interferes with your daily life, and nonsurgical treatments are no longer working to relieve it, it may be time to see a specialist about hip replacement.

Some symptoms signaling it is time to consider hip replacement include:

  • Pain and difficulty when rising to stand.
  • Pain that increases when standing or walking, even when using the support of a walking device (walker, cane, etc.).
  • Pain making it difficult to do regular activities, like getting dressed or sitting at your desk.
  • Changing your schedule to accommodate your pain, like avoiding certain activities or not being able to go up or down the stairs.
  • Pain making it difficult to sleep.

Knee pain can be caused by injuries, arthritis, lifestyle and more. It is important to see a joint specialist who can properly diagnose the source of your knee pain.

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Some concerning symptoms of knee pain can include:

  • Stiffness and swelling of the knee.
  • Knee is red and warm to the touch.
  • Cannot straighten the knee, and weakness and instability of the knee joint.
  • Pop, crunch, or grinding sounds in the knee.
  • Pain in other places of the leg, including the calf, shin, or thigh.

If your symptoms progress, it is time to see a doctor when:

  • You cannot bear weight on the knee.
  • Have severe swelling, redness, or pain associated with a recent injury.
  • Have a fever in addition to redness and/or knee pain.
If you are experiencing these symptoms, call (972) 566-5255 to make an appointment with a one of our joint specialists to determine the best option for you.