Texas Joint Institute specialists are leaders in bone and joint care. We utilize cutting-edge technology to improve patient outcomes, reduce healing time, and get you back on your feet. One of the ways we can achieve these outcomes is with the use of robotically-assisted knee replacement surgery.

What is Robotically-Assisted Knee Replacement?

Robotically-assisted knee replacement surgery allows our surgeons to better customize the procedure to the patient’s individual anatomy.

First, our team conducts a CT scan of the patient’s lower extremity. Using this scan, the robot is able to form a 3D image of the patient’s knee and provides the surgeon data about the severity of the condition as well as the level of deformity present in the knee. With this information, the surgeon is able to customize the knee replacement to correct the deformity and ligament imbalance with extreme accuracy, precision and safety. The blade associated with the robotic arm maps the borders of the knee and does not allow cutting beyond the borders, making this surgery very safe for the patient.

Traditional knee replacement (not robotically-assisted) is still a safe way to perform knee replacements, however there are limitations in certain patients with severe deformity as well as prior surgeries with hardware. Our team will examine each patient to determine which procedure is the best fit for you.

Benefits of Robotically-Assisted Knee Replacement:

  • Patient-specific knee replacement
  • Increase precision and accuracy
  • Corrects severe deformities
  • Helps with facilitating muscle-sparing knee replacement
  • Less exposure necessary for the surgery
  • Safe for ligaments and blood vessels

Our highly-skilled surgeons are leaders in joint repair and are dedicated to improving patient outcomes. Our focus is to get you back on your feet, and living a life without pain. If you have any questions about Robotically-Assisted Knee Replacement, call Texas Joint Institute at (972) 566-5255.