Texas Joint Institute - July 08, 2022

Don't let the heat get you down! Even though summer sun beckons us outdoors, extremely hot temps and humidity can sometimes keep us from enjoying time outside. If you feel more comfortable curled up on the couch enjoying the air conditioning, here are some tips, ideas and reminders meant to get you up and moving so you can enjoy the summer months.

Schedule your sunlight.

Plan outside activities like walks, gardening, or even enjoying a good book in a comfy chair when the sunlight isn't as harsh. You can still get your share of Vitamin D early in the morning before the temperature rises, or at sundown to keep it cool.

Just add water.

Cool things down with water when you are outdoors. If you don't have access to a pool, try playing water games with the kids, using a spray or mister bottle to cool down, or even a cool wet towel around the neck can lower your body temp. And don't forget to hydrate by drinking lots of water when the heat rises.

Don't forget the SPF!

No matter the skin tone, everyone needs a good sunscreen to keep skin safe when spending time outside. Apply before beginning outdoor activities, and reapply as instructed. If you are swimming or sweating you might need more applications so be sure to check the instructions!

Safety first.

Along with sunscreen, there are other ways you can stay safe while outside. If you are fair-skinned or burn easily, consider wearing protective fabric and covering the arms and neck during times of prolonged exposure to the sunlight. Protect your eyes from UV light with sunglasses, and you can wear a hat to protect the head and eyes from the sun.

Be active indoors.

When you just can't beat the heat, you can still stay active inside as well. Most streaming channels on television have free workout video options, or you can search for an appropriate one online. In fact, there are more virtual options than ever before, like dance lessons, yoga and stretching. Don't forget to keep your mind active--learn a new hobby, language or recipe for a fun afternoon. Or you can visit a library, mall or local museum to keep moving while keeping cool.

Whatever you do to keep active this summer, make sure to enjoy the warm weather in a healthy way.

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